My Lover, Audiobooks

I had promised a post every Friday. Actually, I had promised a podcast, but this week seems to have flashed before my eyes and since I have a dinner tomorrow here at home, I decided to postpone the blogcast another week. Or, who knows, maybe it will be only for a few days.

Still, it’s Friday (can we blame the lack of podcast on the 13th, instead of my laziness and lack of planning?), so a post it is. Today I’m bringing you the audiobooks I’ve been listening to.

I have a lot of time to listen to podcasts because, as my work is mostly physical – I’m a cleaning lady, not a sexy dancer, in case you were wondering – I can pretty much get away with working whilst listening to things. I used to have trouble focusing on listening to anything other than music but, with podcasts and radio series, I got used to it and taking the step from those to audiobooks was easy.

Now, there’s a part of me who can’t help but feeling that audiobooks are cheating: I’m not actually reading. Then again, I’m being told a story so I did read that book. In theory. Audiobooks are so fun, though, that I’m leaving the guilt aside and I’m enjoying every bit of them.

Biographies, specifically, are a treat. You’re being told someone else’s life story by the author! The tone they set when they were writing is passed on to you, because they are reading it. It’s fantastic.

So far, these are the biographies I’ve listened to:

Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Notebook. It’s quirky, funny, and has just the right ammount of crazy. I first saw Anna on Twilight, I loved her on Pitch Perfect and to discover that she was a child actor, getting to know all of her struggles, the adaptation to living in L.A., and they way she has dealt with relationships and the hollywood bizz is really priceless.

Amy Schummer, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. My view of Amy Schumer was a bit ambivalent. I found her funny but I also thought that her humour could sometimes be a bit dry and that she crossed a few boundaries she shouldn’t. After her book I’ve learnt about someone who is just trying to be herself and love herself, who has embraced her flaws and, mostly, someone who knew what she wanted and fought hard to get it. She is hardworking, has no trouble talking about money, has a lot of nerve, and was honest and kind enough to share dramatic life stories, to set an example, to help people. I’m still willing to admit that there are a few things in Schumer’s humour that may bother me, but the book was really funny and, albeit her saying it is not a self-help book, I’d fiercely disagree.

Amy Poehler, Yes Please. It’s almost impossible for me to think of Poehler without envisioning Tina Fey as well. I know they’re not fake twins, but I have this feeling that they complete each other, – at least humour wise – two sides of the same coin, and when I think of one I think of the other. This to say that I have Fey’s biography to listen to next. Eheh. On to Poehler’s book, though: one thing that I have noticed in the biographies I’ve read and listened to, which she points out in the biography as well, is that, as an audience, we have a twisted perception about the timing od fame. Most actors that we suddenly realise are there, have been there for a long time. Years and years of work. They haven’t been in the spotlight, but they’ve been going through nasty jobs whilst building a carreer. This was the case with Amy Poehler. She fell in love with improv at a very young age and then, in and after college, she built up a carreer on improv and comedy. Her book has a lot more to offer than just her life story, though. There are lessons about forgiveness, about relationships, and motherhood, that will make us cry, that will make us feel closer to Amy. We’ll also laugh, a lot. It wouldn’t be Amy Poehler otherwise.

I’m curently listening to Mara Wilson’s Where Am I Now, and I started reading The Gift Of Fear, a book Amy Poehler recommended in her own biography. The Song Of Achilles, that I finished this week, was absolutely amazing.

I ordered three books this month, as per usual, but I’m still waiting for them on the mail. I’ll update it on instagram as soon as they arrive.

As an ending note to this post, I’d like to confide that it is possible to fall in love with two kinds of books at the same time. Audiobooks and printed books both have my heart. And, literally and metaphorically, they both speak to me.



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