So, Where Was I?

December is already here!

November was quite a good month, bookly speaking. On top of the three books I bought at the fair in Eindhoven, I purchased three more books at Book Depository. Here they are:


Since I read The Girl On The Train, I’ve been meaning to buy Gone Girl. I can’t really say it is comparable – The Girl On The Train got me a lot more anxious about knowing what was going on – but Gone Girl has screwed me over and over again, and its end really got me questioning life. It’s a great read, it took me about three days to finish the book but, as I posted on instagram, the book played me like a cheap pianola. Note to self: never trust narrators who speak in the first person. Bastards.

I started reading The Paris Bookshop which has a very nice rythm to it. I can sense the Paris spirit in it, as it should be. Good Omens and The Silent Wife were very good. Fortunately, The Milk is a nice, albeit short, story for kids.

I’ve found out Audible when I was searching for audiobooks and, since they offer the subscription for the first month, I got The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman, read by him too. It’s really, really good. Gaiman is a fantastic storyteller, as well as a fantastic writer. Listening to The Graveyard Book on youtube made me certain of that, so when I had to choose a book on audible I didn’t even consider any other narrator.

I still don’t know which books I’ll buy in December. I want them to be special, because it’s my Christmas gift to myself, but I am also planning on buying a tablet that I can carry around with me, see if that makes me write more, so I really have to check my finances before I make any decision. I’m thinking about completing my Diary Of A Wimpy Kid collection – I’m missing the three last books – but I’ll keep you posted.


On another note, I intent to make regular updates here, so I will start by posting once a week, every Friday. I think that having a day to post things, rather than doing it “whenever” might lead me to create a habit and, therefore, to actually write and update the blog instead of this ramble here, ramble there, followed by months of silence.

I’m a fan of radio comedy/drama and I’ve recently discovered the pleasure of listening to audiobooks, so I’ll be posting about my favourite podcasts.

This year i’m engaging again on a Christmas fic exchange, for the Cabin Pressure fandom. If all goes according to what I am planning, I’ll be writing my first Wooden Overcoats fic! I have a plot already, I just need to put it all to paper. If nothing goes according to plan, I’ll be writing this fic anyway, I’m not discarding my plot. (The exchange is for the Cabin Pressure fandom but other podcasts are accepted, we’re a very open fandom).

I’ve bought nearly all of my Christmas gifts for this year. Those I haven’t bought online, I already know what I want to offer so I’m taking care of most of them today. It’s not a lot of things, mostly just chocolates and sweets. I’m spending Christmas as it’s usual for these last fice years, at friends’ place.

I thought I was going to have a bit of a pickle over New Year. I usually spend it with the same friends from Christmas but my ex is going to be around for New Year and he is going to spend it with them. I didn’t want to start my year with him – the past is in the past, don’t mingle it, and all that jazz – so I had two options: ask around to see if any friends would be here for New Year (most of my friends come from abroad), or spend it by myself which is not as bad as it may sound. Luckily, a friend of mine is having a party at her place, so I’ll have dinner with them and then I’ll stay the night. I’m actually looking forward to it, I think it’s going to be fun!

So, now I’m heading off to the stores and I’ll see you next Friday!


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