Returned From The Dead

Well, not quite.

I was away from Belgium – and from the interweb – for most of September. As it’s already usual every year, I take two and a half weeks off work to visit my family in Portugal. I can’t really call it vacations, because I am busier then than the rest of the year, running from one place to the other to see the friends and family I missed for a whole year, so I always take a few days after my return home to be able to actually relax, with no commitments to go anywhere. This is to say that I am back and, hopefully, I will be able to update the blog more often.

I suppose the upside of having no internet connection at my parents place – where I crash on my old bed for the whole of the vacation – is that I end up using my free time to read more. I also visited Lisbon for two days (I used to live up North) and met some friends I only spoke to online.

Now, I came across the term bulletin journal on one of the blogs I follow, here and the idea seems quite intersting and neat. I’ve been keeping diaries since I was nine and the only resolution I made for New Year was to go back to riting journals on a regular basis, a whim I have obliged so far. I am now on my third journal.


Now I still have the weekend to enjoy – going out with friends tonight – and Monday it’s back to work. I still feel quite content. After almost a month away from home it’s good to be back and to spend some time on my own.

Oh, speaking of diaries: I watched Bridget Jone’s Baby and it’s so good old Bridget, it felt like I went back fifteen years. Can’t wait for it to be realeased on DVD.

Also, I dyed the tips of my hair blue – it ended up fading to green after a few days. I still like how it looks. 🙂




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