Chaotic Good

I am constantly trying to find ways to make my flat more comfortable. Since the apartment is on the roof, some walls are inclined and it makes it hard to change things around. Most of the time I just move things to put them back in place again because it doesn’t work.

Like this morning.

I was planning to place a tall shelf in my bedroom with my owls and some craft material, but it turns out that the one taller and wider shelf is still not big enough to fit in the contents of two shelves. Basically, I WILL change a few things around, but the furniture will stay just at it is, both in my room and in the living room.

Meanwhile, of course, I had to move all my books onto the nearest table in order to try this out.

I do like to see them like this. Even in a chaotic manner, books have this wonderful peculiarity which makes me feel like they belong everywhere: in a very neat shelf or spread about in a table, with no order.




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