Daily Routine

This week I have been sleeping better than any night from the previous months. I have no idea why my sleep has been so so erratic lately, as there is nothing worrying me at the moment, so I hope I am back to my old self,  who enjoyed long hours in bed and had restful nights.

Tomorrow I have a free Friday, it happens every fifteen days – I have a part-time job – and Monday is a holiday. Basically, I worked four days this week, will have a four-day weekend, and then I am back to working four days next week. I could get used to this.

I have no plans for the weekend. Well, I say that, but there are books to be read, movies to be seen and stories to be written. At work today I was listening to a podcast – I will talk about it with more detail in another post – and my mind wandered back to a comedy radio script I was writing a while ago, and that I completely abandonned. Writer’s block, maybe. Probably just laziness. I do intend to get back to it soon.

Also, I am determined to make some changes in the house. Rearrange my bookshelves and my room a bit. I get easily bored at the way things are displayed here at home and I am always looking for something new to rearrange, to improve. This all means I will probably spend all afternon rearranging forniture just to realise it doesn’t work and put everything back the way it was. Fun,though.

Now, The Cursed Child awaits me.

Night, night.



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